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Excellence in Heating Repair

Heating repair is a task that requires plenty of knowledge and skill, and this is something that Star Heating & AC knows all too well. When you call for a heating system repair, you can expect nothing less than a top-notch, professional solution. The dedicated team will inspect your heating system, identify the issue, and fix it in no time—getting your home cozy and warm once again.

If you live in Shelby Township, MI, and your heating system has given out on you in the middle of winter, who would you call? In such a scenario, you would want help from a trusted, reputable, and established company—someone like Star Heating & AC. Established by Chuck Randazzo in 1957, Star Heating & AC is a name synonymous with quality heating repair services in Shelby Township.

About Star Heating & AC

Where it all began was with a man named Chuck Randazzo. His impeccable work ethic, unwavering dedication, and incredible attention to detail were the building blocks upon which Star Heating & AC was founded back in 1957. It was these qualities that have allowed the company to flourish over the years, operating at incredibly high levels and always striving for perfection, regardless of the size of the job at hand. Fast forward to the present day, Star Heating & AC is now the preferred choice for builders in Shelby Township and other areas.

A Promise of Respect and Dedication

What makes Star Heating & AC such a trustworthy name when it comes to heating repair services in Shelby Township? It’s the fact that they treat their customers with the utmost respect and dedication. When you call Star Heating & AC for a repair job, you are not merely a customer but a friend, a member of their ever-growing family. They do not just provide a service; they help their community by ensuring no home in Shelby Township is left in the cold.

Trustworthy Services

Ever since its establishment, Star Heating & AC has completed countless heating repair jobs, each one contributing to their impeccable reputation. The company’s extraordinary levels of service quality and dedication have helped solidify their position as the leading choice for heating repair in Shelby Township. From small repair jobs to large scale investigations and revamps, no task is too big or small.

Whether it’s routine maintenance, a minor fix, or a significant system overhaul that you need for your heating system in Shelby Township, MI, remember you have a friend in Star Heating & AC, ready to service your needs with respect and dedication. With a rich history, years of experience, and an unwavering commitment to perfection, Star Heating & AC will ensure your home is warm through the coldest of winters.

Best customer service
David Habib

Outstanding service when you need it most! I ran into a problem with my furnace not working this morning. Which can be a big problem on winter days like this, especially when you have an infant and other little ones in the home. But when I called Star they were super responsive and were immediately able to come by, diagnose the problem, and resolve the issue. Really appreciate these guys!

Sandra Elanges

We were having furnace problems with an off-brand furnace, and the brand’s website said Star was certified with them. Unfortunately that’s not true, but Mike from Star was very professional and honest. He could have wasted my time and his but he referred me to a place he recommended. Honesty is something that doesn’t come often these days and I can’t thank you guys enough.

Michael Schlaf

Very happy with them. Called and they came out the same day and fixed the issue with our A/C, without making me believe that I needed to replace the whole unit. I would definitely call again.

Brian Kiley

My brother in law has used Star Heating & Air Conditioning for over 20 years and always spoke highly of the company. Our furnace went out when it was 19 degrees and we just got dumped with 8 inches of snow outside. The company I normally used for service did not answer the phone when I called them. I called Star heating thinking it might be a couple of days to get someone to come out due to the weather.
They asked a few questions along with the address and told me Bob would be the service tech that should arrive between noon and 3:00 PM. The furnace is over 20 years old and the draft inducer motor failed. Bob arrived around 1:00PM. He told me what a new motor would cost and that he had a used draft inducer motor that was like new that had been in service for 2 years. I agreed to have the used motor installed after knowing the cost of a new motor and since the furnace may need to be replaced in the near future.
To my surprise, I was not charge for the used motor. I was only charged for a typical service call.
I will be calling Star in the future when we need to replace or service our heating and cooling system.